Private Coaching

Private Playing Lesson

A lesson on the driving range will consist of many ways to understand your golf swing. A lesson on the golf course not only enhances the understanding of your golf swing but also a lesson in course management. During a playing lesson you will learn how to think and act on a golf course. Most people can ruin their game by over analysing their swing during play. The golf course is not the time or place to do such a thing.

It is the time and place to use your practiced pre-shot routine and kick into your “imagination of situation” or course management mindset.Good course management skills leads to a successful day on the golf course.

Consider the following as part of your instruction during a playing lesson:

Warm up on range
Pre-shot routines
Mental strategies
Course management (lie of the ball and justified stances)
Analyzing Wind direction
Golf equipment and club selection
Shot selection
Judgement of distance and yardage
Rules of golf (discussion as the situation demands)
Etiquette of play
Relaxation, patience and endurance
How to analyse what you may need to practice after your round of golf
Finally having the chance to see the beauty of the golf course that surrounds you

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