Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those hills ain't made for cycling!

Yesterday the weather report was sunny with the occasional showers and so I decided to got out for a long training session on my bike! Fortunately the weather people were spot on and the conditions were as they said apart from a strong easterly wind that made the last 10 or so kilometers tough going. In all I managed 55k with the ride taking me from the Nartelle beach through Sainte Maxime past the villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle, onto the Pampalonne beach road,  through Saint Tropez and finally back to the Nartelle beach via Sainte Maxime. I have to say but the loop around the back of Saint Tropez is down right hilly,  so this morning with my legs still feeling the effect it was quite tough to get any sort of decent rhythm on the course!

 The coast road in to Sainte Maxime

Leaving Sainte Maxime

The cycle path near the Beauvallon GC

Kite surfers with Saint Tropez as a back drop

Not much traffic

 Vine yard  Bertaud Belieu

  The village of Ramateulle

The Pamplona beach

Kon Tiki beach

Fruit stop

Coffee break on the port in Saint Tropez

The Beauvallon GC from across the bay

Saint Tropez

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